Teething Blues

For the past 3 or 4 months every time my little peanut is cranky, fussy or just a mess I am quick to blame it on teething and for 3 or 4 months nothing… until today. A pearly white finally made its appearance in her poor little mouth and I balled! I don’t know if it was harder on her because of the pain or harder on me because my little baby no longer has a gummy smile, she is no longer an infant! After I collected myself and regained my composure I realized that we had survived the dreaded first tooth and it really wasn’t as bad as I thought! Here are a few things that I did to help ease the pain:

1.) Baltic Amber Necklace from Mama Goose: These necklaces are made from beads of Baltic Amber. When the beads are worn against the skin, the warmth of the skin release the natural oils from the Amber acting as an anti-inflammatory for baby. They are made specifically for babies with releasing clasps if the necklace is pulled on to prevent strangling Each bead is knotted on both sides to prevent all the beads from coming off should it break and the beads are small enough so little ones wont choke if swallowed.


2.) Cold Washcloth from Freezer: My Peanut would suck and have the washcloth hang from her mouth while she played. It works just like an ice pack would on a sore knee… AweMazing!

3.) Frozen Fruit (I used Watermelon): For a snack and to relieve pain at the same time I put watermelon into a mesh Fresh Food Feeder. She would suck on the fruit like a popcicle and I wouldn’t have to worry about choking.


4.) Baby Motrin: My peanut ran a slight fever at night while teething so I gave her a little bit of Motrin to help with the fever and to help her relax.

5.) Lots of Cuddling: we cuddled a lot and read lots of book. I enjoyed this the most because I know this wont last forever.

These few steps worked for us to help minimize the pain and keep our girl comfortable and happy. These may not work for every mama, just remember always go with your gut instinct and you will be AweMazing!


P.S. If You are participating in the June Ab Challenge here is day 6:

30 Sit-Ups

15 Crunches

15 Leg Raises

25s Plank

Keep it up!


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