School’s Out For Summer…

Walking around the neighborhood this morning, you could feel a sense of excitement in the air; it’s the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL…. School’s out for Summer! This means parents will have to find creative ways to entertain kids without having them in front of the TV or computer all summer.  Why not trick your kids and plan activities that are not only fun for them but will also keep their mind sharp as they prepare for the next school year?  We have come up with a few activities that will be fun for your little ones while challenging their mind:


  • Choose a book to read together (if your child can read take turns reading the pages) and when the book is completed watch the movie together and discusses the similarities and differences between the book and movie.  Did you like the differences? Are the characters in the movie how you imagined they would be from the book? A few examples of books/movies: Charlottes Web, James and the Giant Peach Tree and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to name a few.
  • Join a summer reading program at your local library. Our library has an amazing summer reading program for all ages.  The children log their reading activity and once they have read for 10hours they earn a prize. Prizes include ice cream, a new book, happy meal, pool day, etc. If your library doesn’t have a program similar to this create your own rewards program.


  • Take all your photos from this year and create a photo album, either a standard album or a digital such as Shutterfly. Have the kids write the captions or a story about what is happening in the picture.
  • Keep a daily journal of what they did this summer and include pictures, drawings or anything else that helps represent the day. At the end of the summer you can publish the journal into a keepsake book.
  • Get a Pen Pal or write to a distant relative or an old friend. Exchange letters, photos and drawings of things your children did during the summer.
  • Send postcards to Troops overseas or send Get Well Cards with a nice message to the Children’s Hospital.


  • Host a lemonade stand. Nothing says summer like a lemonade stand on the corner. Have your kids create flyers with catchy wording, make a sign for their stand and post the flyers around so they gain customers. Let them be in charge of the money so they have to calculate how much is owed and the change that needs to be given back.
  • Bake with your children. Have them measure the ingredients and use smaller measuring cups so they have to add to get the right amount. For example if it calls for 1c, use ¼ so they can practice adding.
  • Create a count down chart for something exciting that is happening this summer like a trip, grandparent visit or birthday.
  • Go on a nature walk and take pictures of the different birds you see. When you get home use the National Geographic Bird Identifier to see if you can determine what kind of bird it is.
  • Lie in the backyard and take pictures of the clouds and then research the types of clouds they are.

These are just a few ideas that will be fun for the kids do and they will never know it’s educational as well! How AweMazing is that?!

Please leave more ideas in the comment section so our readers can continue to educate their children all summer long!


P.S. Here is day 7 of the June Ab Challenge

40 Sit-Ups

20 Crunches

20 Leg Raises

30s Plank

It’s getting tough but your body can do it!

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