Please and Thank You… Still Magic Words?


Please and Thank You! Ahhh, the magic words or are they? Nowadays, it seems that these polite words have slipped from some people’s vocabulary. I grew up in a household where if the words weren’t used the answer was always “no”. May I please be excused, can you please pass they water, etc. Any more I hear it less and less from children and even adults.  Is it because everyone is always in a hurry, focused on their smart phone, self absorbed or parents aren’t teaching it any more? What ever the reason, I know we are working to make sure “Please and Thank You” are well known words in our children’s vocabulary.  Here are a few ways we are working to teach the importance of these often forgotten words:

1.)  We are starting early when they aren’t even old enough to talk and don’t understand the real meaning of the words.  We are starting with sign language:

Please Sign Language

Please Sign Language

Thank You Sign Language

Thank You Sign Language

Photos from

2.)  Much like our parents did for us, our children only get what they are asking for if the “magic words” are used. Let me clarify my children don’t get everything they are asking for just because please was used. If thank you wasn’t used we take it away.

3.)  Lastly and probably most importantly we lead by example. Children are like sponges, they watch and listen to everything we do! My husband and I always make an effort to use please and thank you when we are speaking to each other and the children.

These seem like such simple steps but it’s clear that somewhere along the road they are being skipped! Let’s remind our children that “Please and Thank You are still Magic Words” so they grow up to become AweMazing!


Day 11 Ab Challenge

55 Sit-ups

45 Crunches

35 Leg Raises

42s Plank

Yikes, you can do it! Think of those summer abs!


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