AweMazing Activities to do with Dad on Father’s Day

All of those hard working dads out there deserve some quality time with those they love the most. What better way to thank dad for being your rock and your biggest supporter than to plan a special day to show him just how special he is. Below are a few ideas of activities you can do with dad!

Plan a Picnic in the Park

Gather the kids, pack Dad’s favorite lunch items and head to the park for some family time.  Choose a park that you don’t typically go to so it will be new and exciting for everyone.  Bring a kite, soccer balls or your sandbox toys to add some additional family fun

Go on a Nature Hike

While driving to the hiking spot, as a family brainstorm things you hope to see, hear or experience while on the hike.  Cross the items off as you come across them

Bike Ride

Check the air in your tires and dust off the seat for a family bike ride. Pick a fun destination or play the quarter game for a surprise ride. To play use a quarter (or any coin) and every time you come to a corner, a light, or ride for a certain distance flip the coin to see where you go. Heads is right and Tails is left… or straight which ever works for your area. It will make for a surprise destination and a carefree ride for the whole family

Putt-Putt Golfing

If dad is a golfer, challenge his  skills in a round of putt-putt

Take Dad to a ballgame

Nothing says summer time like America’s past time. Take Dad to a ballgame for some hotdogs, crackerjacks and a good ol’ game of baseball

Have a Backyard BBQ

Fire up the grill with dad’s favorite items and throw him a BBQ with all his favorite sides

Take a Day Trip      

Load the car with you Dad’s favorite CDs, pack some snacks and bring the kids for a road trip to Dad’s favorite place. Spend the day exploring the area as a family and engage the Kids by playing games such as I Spy

Additional Ideas

  • Go to the Zoo
  • Visit a Museum
  • Go Fishing
  • Explore a new Restaurant
  • Visit the local Fair
  • See a Movie together
  • Go swimming

Don’t forget to tell Dad just how AweMazing he is this father’s day!  Post a comment and tell us what you have planned!


Day 14 June Ab Challenge

65 Sit-Ups

85 Crunches

42 Leg Raises

55s Plank

Your body can do this; get your mind to believe it can!


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