Things To Do This Summer!

First Day of Summer, Summer Time

Things to do this summer

Its officially Summer is HERE!!!! Today is the first official day of summer (although some of us have been enjoying the warmer temperatures for a while now).  Summer is a time for everyone to come out of hibernation and enjoy the fresh air with the sun kissing their skin…while wearing sunscreen of course! Here are the top 12 things to do before the end of summer

1.)  Enjoy an Outdoor Concert: Whether it’s the biggest concert of the year at the stadium or a small jazz concert in the park, grab your blanket, a picnic and a few friends and enjoy the live music under the stars.

2.)  Hit up the Farmers Market: This is the time of the year when you can find the freshest, juiciest and best fruits and vegetables from the local farmers. Support locally and enjoy what the season has to offer.

3.)  Take a Swim: Pool, ocean or lake; we don’t care! Take a dip in the water to cool off from the hot summer sun! Add activities (surfing, snorkeling, swimming laps, fishing, etc.) for some added fun

4.)  See a Movie at the Drive-In: The Drive-In used to be the place to see summer’s hottest movies. Load the kids in the car, grab some snacks and blankets and catch our favorite Monsters in “Monster U” or the original super hero in “The Man of Steel”. Check your local theater for movie schedules

5.)  Catch up on your Reading: Take that book you have been meaning to read and grab a hammock, lawn chair, beach blanket or chair and enjoy a good book and some fresh air.

6.)  Chase Down the Ice Cream Man: Nothing says summer like the music blaring from the Ice Cream Truck. Check the couch from some extra change and enjoy a Rocket Pop just like when you were a kid.  Don’t forget to get the kids one too!

7.)  Take a Road Trip: This land that we call home is blessed with so much beauty. Enjoy what we have been given by visiting a National Park or an area you have never been to.

8.)  Sleep Outside: Whether in a tent, back of a pick up truck or on a blanket, sleep under the stars while the nights are warm.  You can even pitch a tent in your own backyard for a fun camping experience

9.)  Visit the Flea Market: At first when I thought of a Flea Market I though of junk, I later learned that you could find some pretty interesting buys there. For instance, I found the best toe ring made by a guy that custom fits your toe for the ultimate comfort! How cool is that?

10.) Attend a Carnival: Enjoy the sounds, the sights and the FOOD at the local or state carnival/fair. Experience some outrageous foods like fried Kool-aide, or fried cheesecake and enjoy some thrilling rides (be sure to wait 30 minutes after eating before riding any rides). We like going just to people watch!

11.) Have a Barbeque: Nothing says summer like the smells of the grill. Gather your friends, family and neighbors and host a barbque. Have every one bring a side and add some backyard games for some entertainment.

12.)  Finally and most important…Relax: Or at least try to.

Summer is a time to get away from the ordinary routine when the kids are in school. Take time to enjoy the family, the scenery and the weather! No matter what you do, your summer is sure to be AweMazing!


P.S. Don’t forget to wear Sunscreen!


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