Who Ever Will Listen

Change of Scenery sometimes works


Sorry if today’s blog isn’t informative or have any value to you, but I really just need to vent!!! Today has been a day of all days! My little peanut must STILL be teething (we just got our first 4 teeth last week) or growing or something because all day she has been fussy. I have tried nursing, feeding, playing, reading books, changing her, napping and I get nothing but fussing.  After a while it sure can get tiresome for peanut and me not to mention frustrating.

After hours of playing the guessing game, I finally took her for a walk so that we could both get some fresh air. She seemed to settle down for a while at least.  After some more fussing, I moved her playroom outside. I grabbed a blanket, her books and a few of her favorite toys and set up under a shady tree (see picture below). The change of scenery really helped calm her down so I could at least get dinner done and a bath and bed for peanut. Now time for momma to relax with some yoga followed by a glass of wine, cheers!

Change of Scenery sometimes works

Change of Scenery sometimes works

Thanks for letting me vent about my not so AweMazing day! Tomorrow is a new day and will be better! I will return to normal and provide you with some fun ideas to do with sidewalk chalk!



2 thoughts on “Who Ever Will Listen

  1. I think the same thing would help some of the fussy grown ups in the world. If things aren’t going your way and you are having a bad day, take a walk, get some fresh air or just change the scenery. Hopefully it will get you through dinner!

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