Themed Sidewalk Chalk Activities

It’s always fun to drive thru the neighborhood during the summer to see all the art displays on the street, sidewalks and driveways!  Yes, kids are out having fun with sidewalk chalk. While it’s always fun to let their imaginations run wild and draw what they want, however why not change it up a little with sidewalk chalk themes? Here are 10 different things you can do with sidewalk chalk.

Create a City: Draw streets, stop signs and stores with parking lots. After the town is complete, the kids can drive their cars (bikes) through the city to run their errands. Don’t forget to draw an ice cream shop for those hot days!

Basketball Court: Draw a basketball court (or soccer field, baseball field, etc.).  Use beanbags or real balls to play.

Family Portrait: Trace the kiddos and have them draw clothes on them or better yet have them play dress up with their real clothes.

Story Board: Watch a movie or read a book together and then draw their favorite scene.

Bean Bag Toss: Create boxes with numbers in them and if the bean bag lands in the square they get that many points. This will help them keep their math skills sharp.

Chalk Stakeout: Chalk a house with windows and doors. Have several areas (windows, doors, chimney) to capture. Chalk a baseline about 5 feet away (for younger children 4 feet away). Take turns tossing a small rock onto the house. When a rock lands in a section that can be captured (like a door or window) mark the capture with initials. After all the sections are captured, each player counts up his Stakeouts. The player with the most Stakeouts wins!
 Penalties:  Lose a turn if your rock lands on another player’s Stakeout. The toss doesn’t count if it lands less than half-way over the line. (idea courtesy of ListPlanIt)

Sidewalk Chalk Props: Draw a tree, a basketball hoop, a bike or whatever they desire. Now take a picture of them posing next to the tree, dunking the basketball or riding the bike.

Create Fairy Wings: Draw and decorate fairy wings and then have your kids lay down so it looks like they have wings. This can also be done with princess crowns,  etc…Have your camera ready!

Draw a Maze

 Wet the chalk for a whole new experience.

These are just a few ideas of how you can take sidewalk chalk to the next level. The possibilities are endless for an AweMazing time!



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