Reminder: The Importance of Staying Hydrated this Summer

Stay Hydrated this Summer

Stay Hydrated this Summer

(Photo Courtesy of Natural Grocers)

Summer is starting to heat up here in Southern California and with the warmer temperatures we are reminded of the importance of staying hydrated. While at the pediatrician this week, I was reminded why it is so important to stay hydrated and to keep little peanut hydrated.

She reminded me that 2/3 of our body is water and it is the main component of our body.  Water regulates our body temperature, transports oxygen, moisturizes our skin, protects our joints, muscles and organs and helps our metabolism.

Not drinking enough water on the other hand can cause migraines, constipation, cramps, fatigue and kidney problems.  These are all elevated with the warmer temperatures.

Just remember that it’s important to make sure that the family is drinking extra water this summer to keep our bodies in tiptop condition and feeling AweMazing!



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