Life Changed Forever

One year ago, our lives changed forever.  I wasn’t feeling well and thought I had a bladder infection. When I went to the Dr. I received the news that I was pregnant and I was just a little pregnant… I was 5 months pregnant!!!! Yep, I was one of those girls that didn’t know I was pregnant. How would I? I was very active and exercising daily, I wasn’t fatigued, sick or experiencing any other symptoms besides slight cramping. I just thought I needed to do a few more sit-ups.  This news turned our life upside down, around and backwards. We were getting married in two months and were definitely not ready to expand our family just yet. After the news settled, we took a breath, looked at each other and said here we go! The other night we were reminiscing about that day and discussing what we have learned this past year and came up with 5 lessons that can be applied to anything in life:

  1. When life throws you a curve ball, build a team! Use those around you for support, advice and help.  Since we only had 4 months to prepare for our little one, we were confused, stressed and in panic. This is when our team stepped in to help us.  They calmed us, guided us, supported us and showed us the way. Still today, we have our team that help us every day…They say it takes a village to raise a kid and we couldn’t agree more.
  2. Being a Parent is the HARDEST Job in the world! During my professional career I dealt with every level of employees, managers, executive and owners, conducted tough contract negotiations and stressed about deadliness, however none of this compares to the challenges of parenthood! I guess my parents made it look so easy and disguised the challenges we were about to face. The sleepless nights, 24/7 care and attention is exhausting, draining, frustrating and stressful. There are no weekends, no sick days and no vacations.  This makes it tough!
  3. Everyone will has an opinion of how you should raise your child! The best thing we learned was that while it was nice to have advice from everyone, we had to listen to our heart and do what we feel is best for our baby and our family.
  4. There is always a bigger plan for you then what you have written down! We had it figured out, get married and start a family a few years later.  Our new plan paved the way for the beginning of our AweMazing family and taught us to be flexible and go with what is handed to us because there is always a bigger picture.
  5. Parenthood is AweMazing! People always say that when you first hold your little peanut you will be so in love.  We never really understood how much love you would find in something so little and how immediate the love would be! It truly is AWEMAZING

Although this was a trying year, it was full of surprises, excitement, happiness and love! We are looking forward to being with our AweMazing family!



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