Oh How Things Change When You Become a Parent!

The other day while getting ready to go to dinner, I was putting my make up on and curling my hair when it occurred to me that I couldn’t remember the last time I put on full make-up and curled my hair. I had to laugh at myself as how things have changed since little peanut came into our lives.  For one, my new getting ready routine consists of moisturizer, mascara, lip-gloss and hair in a ponytail (only because peanut likes to yank my hair out). Prior to peanut I would have never considered this a complete look, but hey it’s all I have time for now and it works.  Staying on the topic of getting ready, I have become the fastest shower taker in town. I have reduced my long hot showers (ohhh that sounds AweMazing) down to just a few minutes.  Our going out to dinner routines has changed too. It used to be the trendy hot spot at the earliest 7pm and now it’s meeting up with the early birds at 5pm at the loudest and fastest restaurants we can find.  Before, I barely knew we had a park in the neighborhood, now I know every park in town and what it consists of and when the shade is covering the playground.  Now, our DVR has changed from TrueBlood and Always Sunny in Philadelphia reruns to Yo Gabba Gabba and Dora.  Finally, I have learned that I can do just about everything from cleaning to folding laundry to opening doors and grocery shopping (to name a few) with just one hand.  Besides the obvious of surviving on less sleep and no privacy when going to the restroom, these are just a few changes that I came up with and that had me giggling!

I know parenthood is AweMazing but what has changed for you since your kids arrived?



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