The $10 Lemonade

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In the middle of summer, kids start getting antsy, while parents run out of ideas to keep them entertained. Well, today I think everyone had the same idea…”Lets have a lemonade stand”! While walking with the baby or driving through the neighborhood I counted 6 lemonade stands, yes 6!!!!! Some had professional looking stands with cash registers, while others were on a card table with a bright balloon, some even had sign twirlers!  Either way, all the stands had the same objective, there was some reason to start a lemonade business. Whether it be to save for a new bike or a trip to Sea World, lemonade stands teach kids about working for their money, it helps them understand how to run and market a business (or lemonade stand) and it teaches them how to succeed and yes even fail. Whenever I am walking or even driving, I always make it a point to stop and support their business. Today was no exception, although I didn’t stop at all 6 stands, I did manage two stops. When I stopped at the last stand all I had was a $10, I could tell the kids were working hard holding their signs up for all the cars to see. When I gave them the $10 and they handed me my half of glass of  watered down lemonade, I told them to keep the change. Their eyes lit up so bright and as I walked away I could see them all jumping and and talking about how they just made $10. It made me smile knowing that I had played a part in helping them learn that money doesn’t grow on tree and you have to work if you want something. That right there is what summer is about and it was totally worth the extra $9.50 for the lemonade!



3 thoughts on “The $10 Lemonade

  1. Kids really love this idea. My son played a lemonade stand game somewhere on the net a few days ago. He was showing me each progress he was making. It’s fun and educational to your point. Now I’m thirsty and can use a glass of lemonade 😀

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