Coconut Water: A Win All Around

Coconut Water

Coconut Water

Hot summer days (and by hot I mean 85 degrees here in San Diego), brings the need to stay hydrated in order to keep the body functioning all cylinders. While water is good and probably the best choice, coconut water is a good substitute as it contains electrolytes like potassium that are essential to the body in order to maintain hydration. Electrolytes found in coconut water help detox (i.e. aftter a night of drinking) and repair (after a long workout) the body.

While I was pregnant my swollen feet and leg cramps were unbearable. As I was drinking as much water as I could I still was in pain. My Dr. then suggested I try coconut water to get the extra electrolytes that my body needed. I started drinking coconut water once in the morning and again at night and I was able to feel the difference, I wasn’t waking up at night with excruciating leg cramps and the swelling in my feet went down (slightly). Since having little peanut I have continued to drink coconut water to help stay hydrated so that I can continue to breastfeed.

Just recently, I have looked into the true benefits of coconut water and was truly shocked at how AweMazing it really is.  It provides so much more for your body than any sugary sports drink out there plus it’s all natural without any of the sugars added. Many professional athletes are ditching the standard sports drink and going to coconut water for a faster recovery. These benefits are a win all the way around.

Benefits of Coconut Water

Benefits of Coconut Water


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