Test of Motherhood: My Attempt as a “Single” Parent

Oh man…. These last few weeks I have experience what it is like to be a single parent (or have a spouse deployed) and it is NOT fun! My husband has been working over 70 hours a week trying to meet an upcoming deadline, I didn’t even know there were 70 hours in a week! Needless to say it has been just me and peanut all day every day, luckily we do get to see daddy in the morning, at lunch and for dinner so we aren’t completely on our own. Through these trying weeks, I have learned a few things that have helped me keep my sanity. These few things have helped me get through each day and will continue to help me until this project is done and once it is done, we plan on some quality family time that will be AWEMAZING!

Create a schedule and stick to it: I have created a schedule for feedings, naps, library time, grocery store shopping etc. and have stuck to it (for the most part). This has helped me keep my focus and keep me active each day.

Schedule play dates: Scheduling play dates has been crucial, it not only give peanut time with her little friends but it also allows for me to have some adult conversations, which you would be surprised how important it is! It’s nice to be able to catch up with friends, get support and just talk about things besides the ABCs and farm animals.

Pick-up the house before going to bed: This one sounds like such a drag, but for some reason waking up to a clean house that has the dishes done, toys put away and laundry folded just helps get the day off to a better start. Throughout the day you will spend making the mess, creating laundry to fold and scattering toys around at least you didn’t have to deal with it right when you open your eyes.

Me, Me,  Me time: This has been probably the most important thing I have done that has kept me sane. Now I obviously couldn’t take a spa day or a marathon of yoga classes since I don’t have my husband to stay with peanut. Instead, I improvised, I made sure that I would go for a run (with baby and the jogger of course) with headphones in and just let my mind focus on my run. Even though peanut is with me, I was still doing something for myself that made me feel good and cleared my mind. I also make sure I take time during nap and at night to relax whether I watch a show on TV, read a book or magazine or catch up on Facebook posts, it was quiet time for myself and was much needed

These have been lifesavers for me during my husbands project; I just hope I can keep it going for the next month and half! Please send any other ideas that work for you!



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