Workouts in Disguise for the Whole Family

It’s always a challenge to find time to workout when you are busy with entertaining and running children around. This summer while workout slipped, moms everywhere found alternative ways to fit in a workout with the kids around. Here are 4 activities you can do with you kids that are fun and will increase that heart rate!

Play a Game of Tag: A good old fashion game of tag gets everyone running around while laughing and giggling the whole game. There’s nothing better than hearing the giggles of your kids as you chase them around the yard.

Go on a bike ride: Ride your bikes to the store or to the movies or around the neighborhood. It’s a great way get to get out and enjoy some fresh air.

Lace up to roller sakes (or roller blades): I grew up roller-skating around the neighborhood and at the local rink. It seems that now, I rarely see kids with rollers (skates or blades) on. Introduce your kids to good old fashion roller-skating.

Play a Game of Soccer: Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Challenge your kids to a game of soccer. Add a twist to the game (and increase the challenge of the workout), by playing grab soccer. To play crab soccer all players must have their feet flat on the ground with arms behind them also flat on the ground, your bottom is than lifted off the ground. Use your hands and feet to walk around like a crab. Same rules apply as soccer; only your feet are allowed to touch the ball! Great full body workout!!!

Not only do these activities give you a little workout but they also give you some quality time with the kids so they will think you are the most AWEMAZING parent out there!


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