Welcome to the AweMazing Mom Blog. My name is Amber and I am a first time mom who thought I had everything figured out… Boy was I wrong! Prior to being a mom, I held a top executive management job in the Hospitality industry. I spent years managing my team, dealing with top executives, budgeting, forecasting, creating marketing plans, and participating in tough negotiations. I assumed that compared to all the corporate world, motherhood would be cake. When my little peanut arrived in October 2012, I quickly discovered how little I knew about motherhood. I  would  see out advice from everyone and anyone who would give it to me and was constantly questioning my ability. As the months went by I slowly started to figure things out only for a new phase to hit and for me to once again feel clueless. I guess my mom made it look so easy and effortless because she was so AweMazing! I want to help moms  the ways that others have helped me, I want to share how to AweMazing just like my mom.



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