Coconut Oil- My New Favorite Conditioner

Coconut Oil- Courtesy of Trader Joes

Coconut Oil- Courtesy of Trader Joes

These days it seems like I am having a bad hair day, EVERYDAY! Since I started nursing my little peanut, my hair has been falling out in clumps, yes clumps! At first it really freaked me out, but after some research and a panic call to my Dr., I learned that this is completely normal for nursing mothers…Annoying but normal! Well, now all these little hairs are starting to regrow and they are small, they stick straight up and are annoying.

As I was discussing these frustrations with my Stroller Strides running partners, they started naming off suggestions to help! One suggestion that came up and stuck was Coconut Oil. I thought it was interesting, simple and I had it in my cupboard so that I could start right away. When I got home, I grabbed the coconut oil and went to town. At the end of the process and after a much-needed shower, my hair felt AweMazing, salon AweMazing! I have been doing this treatment once a week for a few weeks now and each week I get better results. My hair is softer, shinier and I even think my hair is growing faster, it’s like miracle grow for hair. At this rate, these new little baby hairs will soon be long lush layers that blow in the ocean breeze! I can dream right?

Here are the steps for my new favorite deep conditioning treatment:


Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


Shower Cap (or Plastic Bag)


  • Take approximately 2 TBS of Coconut Oil (note: amount will vary depending on hair length) and rub in your hands to make smooth oil. Apply to dry hair avoiding the roots and concentrating on the ends.
  • Clip your hair on top of your head.
  • Run your towel under hot water and place in microwave for 30 seconds. The heat from the towel will help the oil penetrate the hair
  • Wrap the warm towel on your head and cover with shower cap (or plastic bag) to seal in the heat. Let sit for at least 45 minutes, I like to go a little longer like an hour and if I have time 2 hours! Hey you have some DVR to catch up on right?
  • Rinse hair with shampoo (I wash my hair twice to make sure all the oil is out) and conditioner.
  • Style and feel the silkiness of your gorgeous hair…AWEMAZING! 

Reminder: The Importance of Staying Hydrated this Summer

Stay Hydrated this Summer

Stay Hydrated this Summer

(Photo Courtesy of Natural Grocers)

Summer is starting to heat up here in Southern California and with the warmer temperatures we are reminded of the importance of staying hydrated. While at the pediatrician this week, I was reminded why it is so important to stay hydrated and to keep little peanut hydrated.

She reminded me that 2/3 of our body is water and it is the main component of our body.  Water regulates our body temperature, transports oxygen, moisturizes our skin, protects our joints, muscles and organs and helps our metabolism.

Not drinking enough water on the other hand can cause migraines, constipation, cramps, fatigue and kidney problems.  These are all elevated with the warmer temperatures.

Just remember that it’s important to make sure that the family is drinking extra water this summer to keep our bodies in tiptop condition and feeling AweMazing!


Sunscreen: What does all of this mean?

Picture from (

Picture from (

The warmer temperatures of summer bring more fun in the sun, which means we are applying that sunscreen more often.  During a recent trip to the store, I ventured to the sunscreen aisle and found myself confused as to which sunscreen is best for the family.  What does UVA and UVB and QRS (kidding with that one) mean? What is the difference between water-resistant and water proof? What is sunscreen vs. sunblock? Help!!! I decided to do a little research to educate myself and have come up with a mini sunscreen dictionary. Here it is, I hope it helps

Broad Spectrum: Sunscreens that protect your skin from some of the UVA and UVB rays. (Source:

SPF: The Sun Protection Factor tells you how well the product will protect the skin and prevent sunburn.  The higher the SPF the more UVB rays are blocked. Keep in mind the SPF has nothing to do with UVA rays, which are the ones that cause Cancer and aging. To protect against both look for a broad-spectrum product (Source:

Sunscreen: Allows the sun’s raises to enter into the skin while filtering out some of the radiation. It protects the skin for UVA and UVB rays however it deteriorate faster when exposed to the light. (Source:

Sunblock: Does just as it sounds, it blocks the sun’s rays from hitting your skin. Sunblock is often thicker and can often sit on top of your skin. (Source:

UVA Rays:  Account for 95% of the UV rays reaching the earth’s service. The UVA rays are more intense and penetrate the skin deeper than it’s counter part UVB rays. UVA rays are the rays that help us get tan, however they have been linked to aging and skin cancer. These rays are strongest during all daylight hours; year around and can seep through clouds and glass. (Source:

UVB Rays: Are responsible for sunburn as they soak into the top layer of the skin. UVB also contributes slight to skin cancer and aging. UVB rays are strongest from 10am- 4pm in April-October. UVB can also be strong year around at high altitudes and when reflected of ice and snow. (Source:

Waterproof: The FDA considers a product to be waterproof if it maintains it designated SPF following 80 minutes of exposure to water. (Source:

Water-Resistant: A product is considered water resistant if it holds its SPF following 40 minutes of exposure to water. (Source:

There is a lot that goes into finding the right sunscreen.  Living in Southern California we have searched high and low for products that protect the family. Our favorite is Banana Boat Baby. It’s a Broad Spectrum Sunscreen with an SPF of 50. It’s Water Resistant and is recommended by both Skin Cancer Foundation and Pediatricians.  An added feature is that it is tear and sting free, so when it’s wet it doesn’t sting your eyes. This is perfect for the baby or for daddy while he is out surfing.

Now that you’re educated a little, go have some Fun in the Sun and have an AweMazing summer!


Teething Blues

For the past 3 or 4 months every time my little peanut is cranky, fussy or just a mess I am quick to blame it on teething and for 3 or 4 months nothing… until today. A pearly white finally made its appearance in her poor little mouth and I balled! I don’t know if it was harder on her because of the pain or harder on me because my little baby no longer has a gummy smile, she is no longer an infant! After I collected myself and regained my composure I realized that we had survived the dreaded first tooth and it really wasn’t as bad as I thought! Here are a few things that I did to help ease the pain:

1.) Baltic Amber Necklace from Mama Goose: These necklaces are made from beads of Baltic Amber. When the beads are worn against the skin, the warmth of the skin release the natural oils from the Amber acting as an anti-inflammatory for baby. They are made specifically for babies with releasing clasps if the necklace is pulled on to prevent strangling Each bead is knotted on both sides to prevent all the beads from coming off should it break and the beads are small enough so little ones wont choke if swallowed.


2.) Cold Washcloth from Freezer: My Peanut would suck and have the washcloth hang from her mouth while she played. It works just like an ice pack would on a sore knee… AweMazing!

3.) Frozen Fruit (I used Watermelon): For a snack and to relieve pain at the same time I put watermelon into a mesh Fresh Food Feeder. She would suck on the fruit like a popcicle and I wouldn’t have to worry about choking.


4.) Baby Motrin: My peanut ran a slight fever at night while teething so I gave her a little bit of Motrin to help with the fever and to help her relax.

5.) Lots of Cuddling: we cuddled a lot and read lots of book. I enjoyed this the most because I know this wont last forever.

These few steps worked for us to help minimize the pain and keep our girl comfortable and happy. These may not work for every mama, just remember always go with your gut instinct and you will be AweMazing!


P.S. If You are participating in the June Ab Challenge here is day 6:

30 Sit-Ups

15 Crunches

15 Leg Raises

25s Plank

Keep it up!