Coconut Oil- My New Favorite Conditioner

Coconut Oil- Courtesy of Trader Joes

Coconut Oil- Courtesy of Trader Joes

These days it seems like I am having a bad hair day, EVERYDAY! Since I started nursing my little peanut, my hair has been falling out in clumps, yes clumps! At first it really freaked me out, but after some research and a panic call to my Dr., I learned that this is completely normal for nursing mothers…Annoying but normal! Well, now all these little hairs are starting to regrow and they are small, they stick straight up and are annoying.

As I was discussing these frustrations with my Stroller Strides running partners, they started naming off suggestions to help! One suggestion that came up and stuck was Coconut Oil. I thought it was interesting, simple and I had it in my cupboard so that I could start right away. When I got home, I grabbed the coconut oil and went to town. At the end of the process and after a much-needed shower, my hair felt AweMazing, salon AweMazing! I have been doing this treatment once a week for a few weeks now and each week I get better results. My hair is softer, shinier and I even think my hair is growing faster, it’s like miracle grow for hair. At this rate, these new little baby hairs will soon be long lush layers that blow in the ocean breeze! I can dream right?

Here are the steps for my new favorite deep conditioning treatment:


Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


Shower Cap (or Plastic Bag)


  • Take approximately 2 TBS of Coconut Oil (note: amount will vary depending on hair length) and rub in your hands to make smooth oil. Apply to dry hair avoiding the roots and concentrating on the ends.
  • Clip your hair on top of your head.
  • Run your towel under hot water and place in microwave for 30 seconds. The heat from the towel will help the oil penetrate the hair
  • Wrap the warm towel on your head and cover with shower cap (or plastic bag) to seal in the heat. Let sit for at least 45 minutes, I like to go a little longer like an hour and if I have time 2 hours! Hey you have some DVR to catch up on right?
  • Rinse hair with shampoo (I wash my hair twice to make sure all the oil is out) and conditioner.
  • Style and feel the silkiness of your gorgeous hair…AWEMAZING! 

Oh How Things Change When You Become a Parent!

The other day while getting ready to go to dinner, I was putting my make up on and curling my hair when it occurred to me that I couldn’t remember the last time I put on full make-up and curled my hair. I had to laugh at myself as how things have changed since little peanut came into our lives.  For one, my new getting ready routine consists of moisturizer, mascara, lip-gloss and hair in a ponytail (only because peanut likes to yank my hair out). Prior to peanut I would have never considered this a complete look, but hey it’s all I have time for now and it works.  Staying on the topic of getting ready, I have become the fastest shower taker in town. I have reduced my long hot showers (ohhh that sounds AweMazing) down to just a few minutes.  Our going out to dinner routines has changed too. It used to be the trendy hot spot at the earliest 7pm and now it’s meeting up with the early birds at 5pm at the loudest and fastest restaurants we can find.  Before, I barely knew we had a park in the neighborhood, now I know every park in town and what it consists of and when the shade is covering the playground.  Now, our DVR has changed from TrueBlood and Always Sunny in Philadelphia reruns to Yo Gabba Gabba and Dora.  Finally, I have learned that I can do just about everything from cleaning to folding laundry to opening doors and grocery shopping (to name a few) with just one hand.  Besides the obvious of surviving on less sleep and no privacy when going to the restroom, these are just a few changes that I came up with and that had me giggling!

I know parenthood is AweMazing but what has changed for you since your kids arrived?