FREE Resources in a Community Near You!!!! Yes FREE!

Today, I made the discovery of all discoveries! When I took my little peanut to the library for a free infant massage class, I thought why not learn to relax my baby before bed, who doesn’t love a great massage. The class was not only informative and free but we also walked away with massage oil, well it’s Grapeseed Oil (we were told you should us an oil you wouldn’t be afraid to eat and that was odorless), and stacking cups for baby to play with… Win! But that’s not all, I learned that there is more to this program then just an hour trial class, it’s actually a 4-week series and the series is FREE! I know; I couldn’t believe it either! The program is part of a program called First 5 San Diego and it is directed towards parents with newborns to 5 year olds. They provide parenting classes, classes on sleeping, massages, nutrition, behavior, and the list goes on. They even provide testing to make sure your child is where they should be developmentally so that you can make sure they are on the right track as they prepare for grade school! AWEMAZING right? The program is all FREE; it’s paid for from money earned from a tobacco sales tax (thank you San Diego smokers)!

Photo Courtesy of First 5 San Diego

Photo Courtesy of First 5 San Diego

As we were sitting and learning about everything First 5 San Diego has to offer we discussed how many free programs there are out there for parents from helping them to stimulate their peanuts, to classes’ on behavioral issues to family activities. Here are some ways in which you can find some of these programs in your area.

  • Check you Library Events Calendar
  • Find Local Parent Magazines (they often have event calendars in the back)
  • Check your local newspaper
  • Call your local community center
  • Google your city names and free activities
  • Check with your pediatrician or local hospital
  • Check local museums, gardens, etc. (they often offer a free day for residence)

These are just a few of the ways to search for programs in your area. I encourage you to look around. There are so many programs out there for families that are absolutely free so why not take advantage of these to enhance your child’s life as well as your time with them!

Enjoy what is out there; it’s nothing short of AweMazing if you take the time to look for it!


P.S. I did sign up for the FREE 4 week Baby Massage class, I will let you know how it is- Thank You again San Diego Smokers!