Meeting Moms, Keeping My Sanity

When my little one was born and I decided to become a stay at home mom and have distant myself from my friends.  Since I live 45 minutes from most of my friends, it became harder for me to see them on a regular basis, not to mention they are often busy with work. When peanut was born I found myself needing some kind of adult interaction on a regular basis or I was going to go CRAZY! That’s when I found a few groups to join that had other moms that were close to me and that had similar interests. Thanks to these groups I have been able to maintain my sanity and meet some AweMazing moms!

Stroller Strides: I joined Stroller Strides the minute I was cleared by the Dr. and immediately felt welcomed.  There were kids of all ages watching their moms live an active and healthy life, which is something I was always a believer in. The kids were entertained with snacks and songs from mom and the moms bonded over discussions about breastfeeding, potty training and recipes. This was my kind of group.

Meet-Up: is a site that allows you to find special interest groups in your area. I did a specific search for New Mom’s in 2012 in my neighborhood and was able to find a group. It was a new group with only a couple members (it has since grown to over 40 member). All the members live in my neighborhood (or in close proximity) and all have a baby that was born in 2012. We organize playgroups, pool time, park dates, beach dates, walks, and mom’s night out. This is such a cool group as all our kids are around the same age and going through the same thing so we can all relate. We have even started a Facebook page where we can communicate.

Library Story Time: I started taking my peanut to the infant sing-along and story time at our local library when she was just a couple of months old. Every week I would see the same moms that we were able to eventually form a bond.

Lactation Groups: Breastfeeding for the first time can be one of the most rewarding yet frustrating. Joining a lactation group is a great way to gain support and meet new moms. You can find a lactation group at your local hospital.

If you can’t find any groups that match what you are looking, start one… you will get members because others are looking for the same thing!