Slowing Down Time in 2014

New Years

It is amazing how fast the holidays have come and gone this year.  The month of December simply feels like a blur. The fact that the days seem to flash by in an instance makes me stop and think about how my baby (even though she is more of a toddler now) isn’t going to be a “baby” forever.  This thought has me thinking about my News Years resolutions and how I can slow down time in 2014.  Sure, I can do the normal News Years resolutions of joining a gym, losing X pounds or to spend less money, but where does these stereotypical resolutions get me…. Not too far.

How on earth am I going to slow down time in 2014?  Let’s just say I’m not literally going to slow down time, but instead I am going to enjoy what I have right in this moment.  I have the most amazing little girl who is learning new things every day. I am going to enjoy this stage of her life by working, stressing and worrying less.  I am going to work when I need to but shut it off when she is awake and wanting to play, the e-mail can wait.  I’m not going to stress about things I can’t control and I am not going to stress about things I can control.  This energy can be spent playing tea party.  I am not going to worry about having dinner ready right at 6 or having a spotless house.  She is only young once and my house can go one more day without a cleaning if it means another hour spent reading stories, coloring and playing tea party (we play tea party A LOT)! Finally, I am going to put my cell phone down when I am around my daughter.  I don’t want her to grow up seeing me always on my phone (checking e-mails, social media, weather, news, texting, etc).  I am going to put it down and put it away so my focus is on her.

You see, no matter what you do in life these times with our children are all we have at this moment.  I will never get that time back to spend with her.  My News Years resolution isn’t about me anymore, it’s about me giving my daughter more attention, more time and fewer distractions each day so that I leave 2014 with no regrets!

What is your News Year’s Resolution? Have you ever tried to slow down time?